Thursday, August 02, 2012

Trend of Past Generations: Simone De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex

By Amy Pearls

Just finished reading a truly remarkable book by the legendary author Simone De Beauvoir. This seminal work called The Second Sex is truly remarkable, pivotal, and revolutionary for her time.

Published first in 1949, De Beauvoir’s key concept in The Second Sex is that throughout history men have oppressed women, treating them as second best, or "the Other," as opposed to men, who were always first class.

While men occupied the major roles in society, culture, family, and occupation, during that time, women were degraded to the level of "objects,""the other," all while men were positioning themselves quite successfully as"subjects,"key role players and leaders of society, culture, science, education, and business.

But look how far we went, since those times of harsh discrimination for women. No longer are women second class; women are powerful decision makers today in politics, society and culture. Today's women are no longer subjugated to men, but rather men's equals.  Women today take leadership roles in many organizations and businesses. According to a study conducted, the fields of marketing and advertizing, publicity and PR agency brim with women. Many PR agencies are led by successful women, who have long abandoned their traditional roles.

 But looking at history is wonderful for appreciation, because one who forgets history, will never learn from it. 

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